Discography Large Works: Dream My Dreams, for orchestra, 12'00'' 2017 Lagoon Sketches, for large ensemble, 18'00'' 2014-2015 Chamber Ensemble Works: Winter Sketch, for flute, clarinet, violin and cello, 8'49'' 2017 Threnody, for oboe, clarinet and bassoon, 12'50'' 2016-2017 The Spilled Palette, for string quartet, 9'00'' 2016 Pitch, for unpitched percussion ensemble, 2016 Carnival of the Mountain World, cello quartet, 2016 Where Is My Sky?, for piccolo, violin and piano, 9'00'' 2015 Yu Lin Ling (Bells in the Rain), for baritone, cello and piano, 2014 The Margin of Winter, for two violins, viola, cello and double bass, 2013-2014 The World of a Stray Cat, for two violins, viola, cello and double bass, 2012 Light·Continuation, for flute and piano, 2012 Xiao·Xing, National Chamber Music for qudi, pipa, and cello, 2009 Man Jiang Hong, for baritone and piano, 2009 Mo…, for viola and piano, 2008 Solo Instrumental Works: Moments, for solo piano, 12'17'' 2016 Fantasy, cello solo, 10'00'' 2016 ChouChou’s Suite, for solo bassoon, 8'45'' 2015 Shadow, for solo piano, 2013 Fantasia, for solo piano, 2011 Animation/Film/Electronic music: Cells of the Earth, film music, 2016-17 Arow, animation music for animation, 2016 An Alley in the Rain, electronic sound production, 2015 The Other Side, electronic sound production, 2014


Qingye Wu